Friday, July 1, 2005


happledinger! today is awesome. AWEOSMEMEOIMEO! i just totally aced my macro exam and now i go take micro for which i am prepared because i woke up at 7.30 today and studied studied studied.

anddd whilst studying i went into the bathroom (to drink from the toilet) and what did i see? a giant libertatis æquilibritas on the door with "who is john galt?" written underneath. then i gotted to the room to examinate myself in economics and what was on the desk in from of me? "who is john galt?"

libertatis æquilibritas... in case you have no idea what im babbling about.

dollar signs galore! libertatis æquilibritas on the doors walls desks... where my liberty lovin niggaz at?! oh i know! NORTHERN VIRGINIA! i go tonight woohoo excited excited. i am going to see erdna, master of disaster!

but i am a tid bit interested in who where these libertarian kids of charlottesville are. i see their dollar signs, but i dont see them... then again i probably do in classes and such and just dont know it. perhaps they can help with the revolution?

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