Sunday, June 25, 2006


(im adding this as an edit later... i think all the links and pictures for this blog are broken so yeh... it used to make more sense.)

lets see how the israelis retaliate. they prefer to drop bombs from the sky with full knowledge that the cost of their cowardice is innocent civilians. (some women and children, sometimes whole families.)


the attack was carried out by islamists... as far as im concerned, islamists are just as bad as zionists, two sides of the same coin... a fucked up ideology whos final answer (in the absence of reason) is always god and guns.

"To force a man to drop his own mind and to accept your will as a substitute, with a gun in place of a syllogism, with terror in place of proof and death as the final argument--is to attempt to exist in defiance of reality." -aimee and rand

but in this particular case the islamists have definetly won a (tiny) bit of my respect. (i cant believe i just said that.) it certainly wouldve been easier bomb civilians and murder innocents, but instead they tunneled to an army post and faced armed israelis.

now thats how you wage noble guerilla warfare. (im sure theyll be back to suicide bombing soon enough.)

and for the little kids that walked palestinian beaches for the first time when the israelis withdrew... hats off.

rot in hell you zionist fucks.


you kids keep throwin those rocks and defending your homes.

dude that guy with the white belt and nice jeans? clearly the most fashionable fatah fighter ever. <333

oh and hey remember that cat i made friends with at beach week? heresss MIKEY!

oh and i added some the knife songs on my profile music selection. go get! yeh so sweet party on saturday. thanks for coming and inaugurating my bar. im still hung over, but the tavern pancakes/bacon/cbh/fries/sausage is definetly helping...

...helping me poop a lot.

so im adding this later because im probably going insane. im fair to moderately certain its the apocalypse. its been raining for days. all the street lights are flickering orange. me and sam are talking in the dimly lit living room and there are beer cans and empty liquor bottles everywhere.

i tell him about the dream i recently had where the government knew i was a threat and came for me. they took me to some lavish conference room with cameras everywhere and locked me in. the king of jordan wanted to talk to me but in the meantime some gaurd came in and said i could talk to adrienne. i asked him honestly if i was going to survive and he said no. the plan was to kill me afterwards. i put out a distress signal with adrienne covering the cameras and within minutes the ghosts started shooting the place up and i managed to escape. it was wierd.

back to the living room... so for a couple minutes i couldnt see through the rain all over the windows. it got really quiet and there was only that orange glow... and me and sam... i was sure they were coming.

sam walks out to go get his laundry and returns with a clear sense of urgency. he motions for me to keep quiet and come outside. i get up and walk with him. this is it. the moment where i fulfill my destiny and start my eternal battle with the government...

sam stops and ducks behind a car and points...


...theres a gang of about 4 or 5 street cats hanging out. i desperately want to make friends with them. by the time i move out of this house i will be friends with them.

its totally the apocalypse.