Monday, June 20, 2005


one of my kittens got hit by a car today... i am sad. i went to pay my respects, and lenin was very comforting. and it was the wierdest thing ive ever seen... lenin was cuddling and licking and cleaning the other two kittens... lenin is so nice. i love lenin. i left him home because he seems to have gotten pretty attached to his little brother and sister, and they probably like having him around because theyre probably pretty sad about theyre brother. im going to go cry now. just kidding. but yeh. i miss lenin now. i know ive said this at least 7 million times, (like everytime someone comes over and i cant introduce lenin because hes out at his girlfriends,) but i wish lenin had a cell phone. sigh. lenin. oh and in case you think im completely insane, lenin is my cat. he comes home when i whistle, but sometimes hes too far to hear me, hence the cell phone. he usually lives with me in charlottesville but hes been at my parents house for summer to hang out with his family. he has a girlfriend that he probably misses that lives a couple houses down from my house in charlottesville. he has his own friends and stuff... he goes in and out through my window whenever he wants... in fact ive come home to another cat being in my house (im assuming lenins friend he invited or something...) so yeh. lenin. what a cool cat. get it? cool cat... hes a cat... winkwinknudgenudge.


Sunday, June 19, 2005


alright. three things. i always start with that but who cares anyway. my ankle hurts. my face hurts. to understand everything listen to two songs. notorious big - party and bullshit. and then ben folds - bitches ain't shit. its moments like this that i realize who i am. im hanging out in richmond eating pizzza (just kidding i have no pizza) but seriously folks. some of the kids at the fight were there tonight alright im writing in rhyme so get ready for something sublime bitches cant hang with the streets sometimes i feel like the only motherfuckering bums jumping kids with their guns wouldnt but i wish i could go... toe to toe... motherfuckers dont know. and know ben harper is playing and im crying like it was freshman year again. just kidding... wierd. andre put this song on a mix for me that was really wierd that he gave to me for my birthday and it was wierd because it was one of the saddest mixes id ever heard. shut up... whatever. tonight is a lesson learned. hi. hi there. fuck you. fuckkk you. i want to be in my room. i have no room. my ankle hurts. fuck you. fuck you all.

ummm... i just reread this and realized this is the silliest most silliest post ive ever made.



i miss james. i remeber listening to this ben harper shit on the way from somehwere on my 19th birthday days... horrible. horrible. horrible horrible horrible. yet now... i am invincible. forgive me... i overlooked the justice in all of this... and that justice is me. (giggle.)

Saturday, June 18, 2005


oh and heres something cool that happened that i am copying and pasting because i am lazy.

you wanna hear a fucking weird story? so me and some people were sitting around with a windows media payer visualization and i was like "i wonder if the computer can understand us..." and the screen started this black and white strobe light thing... so i was like "wow... give me another sign." and it did it again. and i was like "holy shit! computer... do you think i should conquer the world?" and guess what happened? no, it didnt flash again. the whole thing froze, and guess what was the visualization was? it got set to picture slideshow. and it showed the grand canyon. i have 3 witnesses. ill bring you one tomorrow. if anyone else reads this and thinks im crazy... i am. so suck my asshole.

(note... me and andre decided that the future capital of earth would be the worlds tallest building built using the side walls of the grand canyon as supports.)


Friday, June 17, 2005


ok... one more for good measure.


i like how i was like "im not going to post blogs anymore" and i kinda actually did it. no blogs for a long time. ha! eat that america!

Monday, June 6, 2005


woah. after that last blog, i never made it back to laurens. i felled asleep here in all my strange tshirted glory. (i am wearing katies uva basketball tshirt which is weird because i go to uva and she doesnt.) now i will copy and paste what i just told erdna, the master of disaster. (who sucks at soccer.)

interstingly enough i woke up early this morning as well... then i immediately ran into the kitchen, ate leftover chinese (the breakfast of champions) and drank three cups of water really fast, and upon reflecting on what i just done, i realized that i was still a little bit drunk from last night. im happy i woke up and ate and drank because ha! not hung. and by not hung i mean my penis is tiny. and by breakfast of champions i mean breakfast of complete idiots.


Sunday, June 5, 2005


ok... there are three things wrong with this picture.

1. i cant TYPDE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2. i lft richmond fun and walk into my apartment and there are people already in my apartment smoking ajnd i smoke and we go to a party AHHHH...

3. i dont know who i am anymore.

4. i think i should go to the mountains to think about things for awhile... i know i only said three things but im really serious guys. i mean... i like mountains, i like life, i like thinking... i mean... what could go wrong?

now i will elaborate. ok so i drank a bottle. i didnt think i would because things besides liquor usually dont but i got sauced. aka galaxied;. SEMICOLON! who? what? ok.

new paragraph now to avoid confusion. i just got from laurens in which there are about 15 people. i am sauced. i was in richmond at a sauce with 15 people, alex picks me up, and now i am in charlottesville ... well i am taking a break at my apartnment because lauren onluy lives across the street. but i am at a charltteicleso sauce with about 15 people.; SEMICOLON>

new paragraph. i want to ask andre what the tri-cities song is because i need to sing it NOW. i typed that wrong THREE times before i typed it right.

ok. calmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm down.

i havent blogged in awhile. im not sure why i started either. its pretty pointless if you think about it because if people really poop. theyll read! ? OK THT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. that wasnt supposed to be in caps either. i give up on blogs. i hate them.

i know im just saying that now though. i hate them the way i hate... umm. andre weldy. fuck that faggot. he think hes so cool or something. ill show him cool when i throw his juice off the side of the balcony. HA. fucking faggot. he is such faggot.

but seriously folks... its weird because who cares what i say besides andre weldy... (that faggot.)

i wish i was a butterfly.

fuck you.