Sunday, June 5, 2005


ok... there are three things wrong with this picture.

1. i cant TYPDE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2. i lft richmond fun and walk into my apartment and there are people already in my apartment smoking ajnd i smoke and we go to a party AHHHH...

3. i dont know who i am anymore.

4. i think i should go to the mountains to think about things for awhile... i know i only said three things but im really serious guys. i mean... i like mountains, i like life, i like thinking... i mean... what could go wrong?

now i will elaborate. ok so i drank a bottle. i didnt think i would because things besides liquor usually dont but i got sauced. aka galaxied;. SEMICOLON! who? what? ok.

new paragraph now to avoid confusion. i just got from laurens in which there are about 15 people. i am sauced. i was in richmond at a sauce with 15 people, alex picks me up, and now i am in charlottesville ... well i am taking a break at my apartnment because lauren onluy lives across the street. but i am at a charltteicleso sauce with about 15 people.; SEMICOLON>

new paragraph. i want to ask andre what the tri-cities song is because i need to sing it NOW. i typed that wrong THREE times before i typed it right.

ok. calmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm down.

i havent blogged in awhile. im not sure why i started either. its pretty pointless if you think about it because if people really poop. theyll read! ? OK THT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. that wasnt supposed to be in caps either. i give up on blogs. i hate them.

i know im just saying that now though. i hate them the way i hate... umm. andre weldy. fuck that faggot. he think hes so cool or something. ill show him cool when i throw his juice off the side of the balcony. HA. fucking faggot. he is such faggot.

but seriously folks... its weird because who cares what i say besides andre weldy... (that faggot.)

i wish i was a butterfly.

fuck you.



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