Tuesday, May 23, 2006


wooooooooooo! that was an intense couple weeks...

so i went to myrtle beach for uva beach week and got my groove on a whole lot. theres pictures floating around on facebook i think... yeh it still blows my mind that the entire graduating class takes over a mile long strip of myrtle beach. it kind of looks like some sort of mtv spring break thing... we stayed in a fucking sweet apartment overlooking the beach and pool and hot tub and like a block from all the delicious resturants and stuff. the whole group of friends we went with was about 30 people, (6 cars!) but we were split up into two apartments and us high rollers who didnt mind paying more were in a fucking sweetass apartment with just 10 people. (it was big.) oh and i have a kitten beach towel that i always wore as a cape and i met this stray cat named mikey that lived on the beach who reminded me a lot of lenin and he followed me everywhere... so yeh, when i walked around i wore a kitten cape and had a kitten following me around... people probably thought i was either awesome or creepy. i lean towards creepy. thats not mentioning my spongebob sunglasses. anyway yeh... heres a daily schedule.

wake up, eat a lot, go to the beach with delicious drinks, swim a lot (beach/hot tub/pool in no particular order), walk around and say hi to all the uva people, build a sand castle, eat big dinner, give leftovers to mikey, defend sand castle from waves, shower, drink a lot/go to spanish galleon (hip dance club filled with uva)/drink a lot, dance my face off, return home and smoke a lot on the porch, sleep, repeat.

i actually got pretty sad (and really wasted) on the last night... it sorta hit me that my whole class was graduating... (paul hiatt? good riddance.) yeh but seriously folks... i love you. i suppose pretty much everyone will still be in cville... and the majority of my 06 friends are living with me anyway... (oh man... me/sam/libby/adrienne=best house ever!) but yeh... still... i want to see them around campus! and like... all the acquainances will pretty much disappear... sigh...

but yeh the car ride up from beach week i had the wierdest catharsis via music ever and thought about how i was excited for the new houses in cville and nova and graduating myself in a semester and stuff and kinda got all nostalgically happy cuz my life is pretty much always fun, so i can either be constantly miserable cuz every awesome moment gone is like... gone or whatever... but if i just think about the up and coming i get all giddy again. its been like that for awhile... damn son. im going to be furious when i die.

in case youre interested in my musical sob story... (mgmt - kids, saves the day - firefly/banned from the back porch, damien marley - welcome to jamrock, interpol - evil/take you on a cruise, death cab - information travels faster...) yeh. and check out the legion of doom - devil in a blue dress/at a funeral for a friend... its pretty awesome.

ok yeh so then came graduation. in just on 24 hour period, i went from myrtle to grad parties at uva (in cville) to grad party in nova to graduation at uva and back to nova. travelling up and down the east coast for celebrations abound? real good.

for now my summer has finally calmed down a little and im back in nova til june 10th when classes start and i move... im hanging out at my new house and playing a shitload of tennis. (andre still cant beat me... ha! faggot.)

ok so im picking furniture and shittt which was actually the purpose of this blog but i got sidetracked. get it? sidetracked?... ... ... ok i dont get it. anyway yeh! so i need help! heres the links...

heres the beds im choosing between.

bop! (this straight up looks better, but doesnt quite go with my other stuff...)

boop! (this totally matches everything and im definetly getting the dresser in the back of this picture... zonk!)

ok nowww... end tables and coffee table!

womp! and zomp! (id get them both in frosted glass... these are better quality but dont totally match the rest... though they would probably go better with the first of the two beds.)

or doink! (way cheaper and match the desk and bookshelf... bing! and ping!)

ok so yeh... help me out! which bed, and which tables? i think im leaning towards matching and cheaper... but yeh... if you have some random better recommendations, give em.

hey so if i graduate christmas, will i be 06? wahtever. congradulationonsioninsoinss 06. you suck.