Monday, July 25, 2005


be it calculated tyrrany or subtle injustice, i am the barrel, the blade, the burden on your shoulders. be it insanity or possesion, the will wont let me die. be still my blood, for the warmth generated by your friction is not welcome here. only scales scaled to weigh their deeds. only blades cut to cut through the hearts of men. vengeance is forever. (diamonds are not.)



today at the mcdonalds drive through...

lady: would you like any sauce with that?
my internal monologue: god... sauce sounds really good. hmmm... what goes with these french fries? i suppose ketchup. actually... i want ketchup. mmm... ketchup. oh man i want ketchup. GIVE ME KETCHUP... I WANT IT SO BAD! ARGH! KETCHHHUUUPPPPP!
me: no thanks.
my internal monologue: i hate you smashkan... god i hate you...

Monday, July 18, 2005


thou art a coward and a thief. thou art the end of liberty and the beginning of justice. thou art the blood on my blade, the fire in my heart, and the momentum in the tide that shall soon engulf and destroy you. tread softly, tread carefully, lest our paths cross again and as my friend, i am compelled to let us tarry with my greatest love... and the weight of her scales shall find you crushed.

oh by the way... i think my bike got stolen. and it was one of the rare times i locked it too... perhaps i shouldnt have... i want to put a sign in front of my house that says the crap i just wrote up there... what do you think? bad idea?



just like andre says... if you cant build, you can always destroy.


i am in a library. there is knowledge here. knowledge i do not possess. i want it all. so i found out how to pay attention in class. instead of trying to filter out stuff i dont already know, just try to ask questions about EVERYTHING. and then go and look it up later. like today in macro the face was like blahblahblah phillips curve. and i thought... hmmm... that whole natural unemployment thing? blown way out of proportion by the minimum wage making lots of people unemployed.

so like, inflation is often a result of wages that are unmatched by the value of production. to pay the wages unmatched by production, firms have to increase prices because the revenues at current price levels arent enough to pay for the labor. so lets say the firm hires someone who only produces five dollars worth an hour, but demands ten. the firm will have a five dollar product to sell, so five dollar revenue, but it will have ten dollars of wages to pay. so it has to raise the products price to ten to get enough money. then lets say the worker wants to go buy the product and gets his panties in a bundle because he realizes the price doubled. then he demands that the firm double his wages to compensate for the inflation. and blahblahblah. inflation up the wazoo.

so the phillips curve. unemployment is inversely related to inflation. with lower unemployment, higher inflation. why? well because to employ the part of the labor force that cant produce value equal to the purchasing power of the minimum wage, there has to be inflation.

how can i prove it? well i would have to look and see if there is any correlation between minimum wage and vertical transformations of the phillips curve. will i do that? no. because i am hungry and want to buy a 5 dollar bagel from a worker who will take 1 hour to make it and is paid 10 dollars an hour, thus creating the high inflation rates associated with lower unemployment levels on the phillips curve.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


ok wow. i was just reviewing weekend plans with brendan when i realized this weekend is fucking insanceneioahfjae ahhhhh!*@($U*@) ok yeh... so this friday night, party at my house. (which reminds me, i needa get a keg.) then the next morning wake up and either go to new york, go get ian his tattoo, then go see my roomates band at the lit lounge and perhaps meet up with aaron rowen there, or go to a birthday party here in cville. we are completely nuts.

anyone heard the new msi album? its pretty good. better than that release with just a bunch of old songs done live.

oh i just found out i got some as in both my econ classes.

i like my coffee black, just like my metal.

im gonna get so fucked.

i hate my life. slash hate andre weldy. slash love penguins.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

beach week.

remember this post? i promised pictures. here...


woah. that was six nights of absolute sauce.

more later but for now heres titles to my stories to clue you in...

twenty people in a three bedroom condo
copious amounts of substances
a lot of nudity
a lot of fireworks
getting chased by police atvs down the beach and getting away
gettting in a fight with some bikers
a kitten beach towel
water gun assaults on the apartment
sand castles
waking up with people and being confused
winning at random volleyballing
using luggage carts to skate
jumping in a hot tub with someone elses cell phone in my pocket because im an idiot (sorry candice)
spongebob sunglasses
dancing my face off in clubs packed with hundreds of uva kids
a mile of beach with probably over a thousand uva kids
a fair to moderate amount of memoryy loss concerning everything that took place at night (although theres some pictures floating around that ill put on here sometime)

wow. beach week...


Monday, July 11, 2005


my best friends a butcher, he has sixteen knives. he carries them all over the town, at least he tries. look, it stopped snowing! my best friends from poland. um... he has a beard. but they caught him with his case in a public place, thats what we had feared.

he always took the time...

Wednesday, July 6, 2005


shall no man stand with me lest the sun breaks and i hold the nails? can ignorance be so whole that only in darkness can the light be missed? i miss thinking otherwise.

this battlefield is not glorious, for justice lies only in defeat. my arms will break under the weight and flood will carry out the work that belongs to her worn scale.

i will watch her pass, with no arms to embrace her, nor the strength to cross and slay her. i will lie prostrate at the gate of submission, with no heart nor hand to make light my position. (andre is gay.)

in all this i shall bear one gain, the recognition of my feeble reign. i hate the truth and all for which it stands, yet i am tied to her, and stranded by her strands.

perhaps if i met god on this bloody day, i would ask him to burn me alive, for that might be better than the burden of eyes.

-eric blair (plus a little addition for the children.)


Monday, July 4, 2005


wow... no one ever let me talk about ayn rand again. that was the stupidest post ever.


god fucking damn it im not an objectivist. ayn rand never came up with any idea ever. she just made good novels where the superheros are aweseome and libertarian. the philosophical underpinnings of all her work are in john locke and john stuart mill and the austrian school shit and adam smith and my balls. i was a minimum wage hating freetrading government hating liberty loving nutjob since way befor i even knew what ayn rand was about.

i like her books because im a libertarian (aka neoclassical liberal, anarcho-capitalist, whatever the fuck you want to call it), and not the other way around. to the kids who read rand and think objectivism is actually original and call themselves objectivists, fuck you. you make me look bad. the only truely original stuff rand ever shat out is attempting to apply neoclassical liberalism to fucking, family life, marriage, and partying. in this one original endeavor, she failed miserably, because i still to this day dont understand how ditching your family, cheating on your wife, being a pirate, and fucking every person that you think is respectable is somehow justified by accepting life as its own standard... that being said, there are plenty of ideas in rand i agree with, but of those, i cant think of a single one that rand and objectivism have in any way whatsoever came up with. at all.

my favorite book as a 3rd grader was red planet by robert heinlen (also a saucy libertarian cat). but would i go around calling myself a heinlenian? of course not, because that would make me an idiot. and did robert heinlen act as if he was the first person to understand that liberty is the natural corallary of valuing life as its own end? of course not, because that would make him an idiot. and that is exactly why ayn rand is an idiot. fuck ayn rand and fuck objectivism. the next person that assumes i am an objectivist because i like ayn rand gets pooed on...

but i still love her novels... (what libertarian wouldnt?)


Friday, July 1, 2005


happledinger! today is awesome. AWEOSMEMEOIMEO! i just totally aced my macro exam and now i go take micro for which i am prepared because i woke up at 7.30 today and studied studied studied.

anddd whilst studying i went into the bathroom (to drink from the toilet) and what did i see? a giant libertatis æquilibritas on the door with "who is john galt?" written underneath. then i gotted to the room to examinate myself in economics and what was on the desk in from of me? "who is john galt?"

libertatis æquilibritas... in case you have no idea what im babbling about.

dollar signs galore! libertatis æquilibritas on the doors walls desks... where my liberty lovin niggaz at?! oh i know! NORTHERN VIRGINIA! i go tonight woohoo excited excited. i am going to see erdna, master of disaster!

but i am a tid bit interested in who where these libertarian kids of charlottesville are. i see their dollar signs, but i dont see them... then again i probably do in classes and such and just dont know it. perhaps they can help with the revolution?