Thursday, July 14, 2005


ok wow. i was just reviewing weekend plans with brendan when i realized this weekend is fucking insanceneioahfjae ahhhhh!*@($U*@) ok yeh... so this friday night, party at my house. (which reminds me, i needa get a keg.) then the next morning wake up and either go to new york, go get ian his tattoo, then go see my roomates band at the lit lounge and perhaps meet up with aaron rowen there, or go to a birthday party here in cville. we are completely nuts.

anyone heard the new msi album? its pretty good. better than that release with just a bunch of old songs done live.

oh i just found out i got some as in both my econ classes.

i like my coffee black, just like my metal.

im gonna get so fucked.

i hate my life. slash hate andre weldy. slash love penguins.

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