Wednesday, July 6, 2005


shall no man stand with me lest the sun breaks and i hold the nails? can ignorance be so whole that only in darkness can the light be missed? i miss thinking otherwise.

this battlefield is not glorious, for justice lies only in defeat. my arms will break under the weight and flood will carry out the work that belongs to her worn scale.

i will watch her pass, with no arms to embrace her, nor the strength to cross and slay her. i will lie prostrate at the gate of submission, with no heart nor hand to make light my position. (andre is gay.)

in all this i shall bear one gain, the recognition of my feeble reign. i hate the truth and all for which it stands, yet i am tied to her, and stranded by her strands.

perhaps if i met god on this bloody day, i would ask him to burn me alive, for that might be better than the burden of eyes.

-eric blair (plus a little addition for the children.)


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