Sunday, May 22, 2005


ok so tonight i talked to clifford, chat, and alex for like an hour about genetics and race, and then after that i talked to chat about physics and relativity for another hour.

basically me and clifford debunked the myths of race for chat, which basically led to a crash course in genetics. itll be hard to type all of it out, but ill try my best to summarize.

basically, genetic variation is the most important factor. humans are 99.9% genetically identical. (or less, like me and andre.) inversely, humans vary by .1% of their genes. (at the most, like me and pat dean.) of that .1% variation, there is only a fraction that affects physical appearance, and then only a fraction of that fraction effects the phenotypes that people typically use to determine race. (skin color aka melanin amount probably being the most important one, then hair color/texture/amount, eye color, body/eye/nose/mouth shape, blahblahblah.) of that retardedly tiny amount of genes, all are inherited independently of eachother and so none can be said to have any causal linkage with each other (or for that matter, any of the other .1% genetic variations.) sooo in conclusion, race is a silly silly social construct, and necessarily so, because there is no causal variable or set of variables that determines a race. you will always have some exception (/contradiction) that you cant reconcile. the only way to explain race is to say, a race is what most people think a race is. what should you do if you really really want to believe but have no evidence of a causal variable? have faith and go to this website. (see my second blog entry for the invalidity of social constructs.)

if you want even more...

nih stuff on genetic variation.

pbs super duper documentary on race... i may have told you about this before.

after all that, chat taught me about relativity, the uncertainty principal, and how he was colorblind (which is why we had to explain race to him in the first place.) it was fun. i should like to explain that too, but its 430 and im tired.

oh and i grew a beard over beachweek, so i have a beard.


return. of the; semicolon.

now everyone hit the ground because that was just meeting you. who wants to fuck with us now/? slashquestionmark. oceans dont dry up overnight... do they?

i feel strange, i feel a lack of feeling, i feel strange./ periodbackslash.

welcome home.


Friday, May 6, 2005


Global Personality Test Results

Extraversion 80%
Stability 83%
Orderliness 46%
Empathy 43%
Interdependence 56%
Intellectual 90%
Mystical 36%
Artistic 16%
Religious 23%
Hedonism 83%
Materialism 76%
Narcissism 76%
Adventurousness 63%
Work ethic 43%
Self absorbed 43%
Conflict seeking 90%
Need to dominate 70%
Romantic 16%
Avoidant 36%
Anti-authority 90%
Wealth 90%
Dependency 43%
Change averse 16%
Cautiousness 50%
Individuality 23%
Sexuality 76%
Peter pan complex 70%
Physical security 90%
Food indulgent 10%
Histrionic 30%
Paranoia 30%
Vanity 70%
Hypersensitivity 23%
Female cliche 10%

Stability results were high which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic..

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.

trait snapshot:

social, outgoing, worry free, optimistic, upbeat, tough, likes large parties, makes friends easily, rarely irritated, open, enjoys leadership, trusting, dominant, thrill seeker, strong, does not like to be alone, assertive, mind over heart, confident, controlling, feels desirable, likes the spotlight, loves food, social chameleon, hard working, concerned about others


Wednesday, May 4, 2005

kids these days.

Kan177: dude doesnt my profile look like the coolest profile ever?
Kan177: i so htmled that bitch.
Pattycakes Dean: (literally explodes with anger)
Pattycakes Dean: (yet can somehow still type)
Kan177: youre going in my blog for this.
Kan177: and im never letting you out.

ihavebasicskills: hey what's the name of the bright eyes song you played for me?
ihavebasicskills returned at 2:18:41 AM.
Kan177: lover i dont have to love
ihavebasicskills: that you made hand motions and mouthed
Kan177: hahahaha
Kan177: interpretive danced... asshole.
Kan177: respect the art.

SourAppl62: so here's the thing
Auto response from Kan177: giving the british parliament a long hard look at my opposable thumbs.
SourAppl62: something that i get from my dad-
SourAppl62: is always wanting things to be in order
SourAppl62: i like order
SourAppl62: so maybe thats why i like some rules
SourAppl62: i mean, i like your ideal of the only rule being that you cant infringe on someone else's liberty, but i feel like i would be hesitant because of the lack of order that could possibly ensue
SourAppl62: i like schedules, i like plans, i like lists, and i like order. and i dont really like that about myself. haha.
SourAppl62: but, alas
SourAppl62: so, being a relativist, i can still function in an absolutist society because i recognize the need for order and explanations
SourAppl62: even though deep down i have doubt about what those explanations are and could be
SourAppl62: and our capacity to understand them
SourAppl62: and there you have it
Kan177: haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha
Kan177: you are at complete liberty to make order and plans and lists and schedules for yourself
Kan177: but no one else
Kan177: and no one may make them for you.
SourAppl62: but if they are just for myself
SourAppl62: ill be constantly frustrated with other people
SourAppl62: for not having my same respect for order
SourAppl62: which is how things are for me usually
Kan177: mmm.... yes. and others have the same feeling. thus we have power struggles and such.
SourAppl62: no im just being selfish
SourAppl62: haha yes
SourAppl62: i really need to sleep. maybe ill dream about something pretty like ideal worlds. goodnight!!
Kan177: if you question yourself, and except others explanations and rules... then your screwed
Kan177: yourr their slave
Kan177: and the same works if you believe rules without explanation.
Kan177: you will be frustated when others dont accept your rules.
Kan177: but only the ones without explanation (otherwise theyd accept)
Kan177: wink
Kan177: night

and now.

time for another round of ashkans perdictions for the year 2006. sharon will be killed by a jewish extremist and netanyahu will take over the government. war and killing and death and stuff. this has been brought to you by the letter r.


and more.

and there was more to that, but it was basically the same thing i said in the belgium blog thing... basically i am so full of things i wanna do in life that life can not possibly ever suck. i love everything.

oh and i think i figured out my degree sauce. now i want econ graduate degree, but also i want an mba. so i can continue my rents real estate stuff and also start my own stuff up. then AFTER making myslef some businesses to the point where i can hire management, then ill apply to economic development jobs (to save the world from nationalism.)

and yeh, free trade. is awesome. fair trade. is gay. why? because the idea of charging different prices for different people based on a social construction is silly. and yes, free trade exploits everyone. it exploits their comparative advantage so as to lower costs for all goods. STOP EXPLOITING PEOPLE.

i just read about the iraqi economic laws. i like them. bremer is still an idiot for firing the whole army, but his economic policy is quite the liberal sauce. i like it. anyone wanna invest in iraq with me? government bonds maybe?

my dream and how weird i am.

how weird i am.

so this morning i skipped my final exam reveiw session because i was having such an incredibly cool dream.

and here it is...

me and lauren and chrissy were in museums in dc, and i was like hey, wanna see where i grew up? they said yeh, and on our way out the museum we stumbled on some evil plot by the museum ownership (i have no idea what it was...) and found out that they were trying to stop us from leaving. we found paul and andre and they were like, yo! no one is the museum movie theatre, get in. we went in and there was a whole bunch of indie kids all hanging out and we made a bunch of freinds. after the museam people had stopped searching for us, we snuck out of there. i was like weve got to get to my old apartment and find out whats going on. it was awesome because i actually acurately mapped out dc in my head and really followed the way home. i used the national cathedral as my guide, my apartment is right there. finally we made it to behind the cathedral, aaron and jocelyn show up and are like, yo take this way, theyve got these streets surrounded. eventually we get into my house, and its totally not my house inside anymore. its these technological jungle of machinery and computers and shit. (this is a recurring part of my dream... ive had this a lot of times before. my apartment i grew up turning into craziness.) and so... we get outta there, and turned on the radio. awesome song on there, but i turned off the radio and i could still hear it! there was a show at the community center by my apartment! we went and saw all those friendly kids from the movie theatre and lots of people from richmond (parker, pat, steve, laura, katie, etc.) started showing up and helloing! ahhh. and then the coolest part. my alarm clock cuz i had to go to review. i turned it off and went back to sleep, but alas i could not return. maybe someday, i can pick up where i left off, gather all those kids and invade my apartment, destroy the evil that lurks there and save the world.

then i woke up again at around 1 because lauren came over with breakfast. i ate and listened to tori amos. im such a faggot.

but remember, be wary of museum management. and SAVE THE APARTMENT I GREW UP IN FROM EVIL!