Wednesday, May 4, 2005

and more.

and there was more to that, but it was basically the same thing i said in the belgium blog thing... basically i am so full of things i wanna do in life that life can not possibly ever suck. i love everything.

oh and i think i figured out my degree sauce. now i want econ graduate degree, but also i want an mba. so i can continue my rents real estate stuff and also start my own stuff up. then AFTER making myslef some businesses to the point where i can hire management, then ill apply to economic development jobs (to save the world from nationalism.)

and yeh, free trade. is awesome. fair trade. is gay. why? because the idea of charging different prices for different people based on a social construction is silly. and yes, free trade exploits everyone. it exploits their comparative advantage so as to lower costs for all goods. STOP EXPLOITING PEOPLE.

i just read about the iraqi economic laws. i like them. bremer is still an idiot for firing the whole army, but his economic policy is quite the liberal sauce. i like it. anyone wanna invest in iraq with me? government bonds maybe?

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