Wednesday, May 4, 2005

my dream and how weird i am.

how weird i am.

so this morning i skipped my final exam reveiw session because i was having such an incredibly cool dream.

and here it is...

me and lauren and chrissy were in museums in dc, and i was like hey, wanna see where i grew up? they said yeh, and on our way out the museum we stumbled on some evil plot by the museum ownership (i have no idea what it was...) and found out that they were trying to stop us from leaving. we found paul and andre and they were like, yo! no one is the museum movie theatre, get in. we went in and there was a whole bunch of indie kids all hanging out and we made a bunch of freinds. after the museam people had stopped searching for us, we snuck out of there. i was like weve got to get to my old apartment and find out whats going on. it was awesome because i actually acurately mapped out dc in my head and really followed the way home. i used the national cathedral as my guide, my apartment is right there. finally we made it to behind the cathedral, aaron and jocelyn show up and are like, yo take this way, theyve got these streets surrounded. eventually we get into my house, and its totally not my house inside anymore. its these technological jungle of machinery and computers and shit. (this is a recurring part of my dream... ive had this a lot of times before. my apartment i grew up turning into craziness.) and so... we get outta there, and turned on the radio. awesome song on there, but i turned off the radio and i could still hear it! there was a show at the community center by my apartment! we went and saw all those friendly kids from the movie theatre and lots of people from richmond (parker, pat, steve, laura, katie, etc.) started showing up and helloing! ahhh. and then the coolest part. my alarm clock cuz i had to go to review. i turned it off and went back to sleep, but alas i could not return. maybe someday, i can pick up where i left off, gather all those kids and invade my apartment, destroy the evil that lurks there and save the world.

then i woke up again at around 1 because lauren came over with breakfast. i ate and listened to tori amos. im such a faggot.

but remember, be wary of museum management. and SAVE THE APARTMENT I GREW UP IN FROM EVIL!

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