Sunday, January 27, 2008

its over!

fuck yeah! im still out of breath!

dude i totally just outran the cops on my bike. that was awesome. some kid on a bike got pulled over and i was listenin to some purple ribbon all stars on my speaker phone and i could have just avoided it... but after reunion with megan patterson, dancefest at ny deli where i got sandwiched by two huge black ladies (well curved?), a hot tub party featuring rampant nakedness, and a crustpunk party where i just didnt give a fuck and talked to everyone and got kissed by some guy (who demanded 5 bucks afterwards), i decided i just hadnt had enough for one night so i made a conscious descision to ride by the cops even if it was a little outta my way.

so i rode by and the cop yells out "yo!" (weird, right?) and so i yell back "heeeaaaayyyyy!" (all sultry like) and he goes "come here!" and i go "why?!"... he didnt answer so i said "fuck you." (dismissively) he goes "what?!" so i yell "fuck you!" and speed off.

blam! im ridin the wrong way down a one way street and a cop car is speeding behind me, sirens and megaphone ablazin. so i decide to do some maneuverin and tear down an alley amd get to a T where the obvious choice is right, where the alley goes back into the street. instead, i turn left into a dead end and get the fuck behind a fucking parked boat. i turn off my purple ribbon all stars and keep quiet. the cop pulls in, pauses for about 15 seconds, and tears down the obvious direction. i wait until i cant hear the sirens and i bike (fast) the few more blocks home.

needless to say, the cop obviously ditched the the kid he already had pulled over to chase me. and he lost me. on a bike. to a boat.

fuck yeah.

its nights like these that make me feel alive.

speaking of feeling alive, i definetly watched the coolest documentary ever on potential for immortality... mostly focused on mitachondrial replacement and manipulating nematode genes. i recorded it, so its at my place if you wanna watch. there was also some stuff about the psychology of aging and how as you get older, you begin to filter the "nonprocreative" (not a real word) things in life. they did a test where they showed old people and young people the same series of images, and the older people remembered images like "woman with baby" and "mushroom growing out of log" whereas young people remembered random other stuff like... ummm... stuff i dont remember.

anyway. this night reminded me of... ummm... life. the same way you do!


normally i would give you a song or two... but tonight im feeling saucy, underappreciated, and drained from dancing and high speed chases where the odds are stacked against me.

so go get it yourself.

the klaxons - its not over yet

cansei de ser sexy - superafim

cassius - toop toop

cassius - rock number one

random side note... ive decided i definetly need to just be alone for awhile so im locking myself in my room and getting food slid under the door. its a win win... entertaining for you, growth through painful asceticism for me. (if thats even possible, which i guess well find out.)

its entertainment at my expense, which is actually nothing all that unusual now that i think about it. anyway, wish me luck. and expect me to find my adrenaline in weird places for a little while to come. hopefully i dont hurt myself.