Wednesday, August 22, 2007

cosmically important.

or was that comically impotentt?

shit i can never remember which one.

(end internal monologue.)

ok, who wants a shot?!

so i wanted to just end it there and i was about to hit post but then i was like ok i should probably add important stuff like...

i live in richmond now.

im not transient anymore. i would tell you about my travels but i dont want to. ok actually i really want to but right now im completely naked so that would just be weird if i made you pay attention to me while i was completely naked.

maybe next time i blog ill put on a tupee and absolutley nothing else. at least i wouldnt be naked... or would i be? hmmm...

did i mention im probably balding? so the tupee thing really isnt all that far fetched.

but you know what is far fetched? the ball i threw for cocoa earlier today. yeh she lives here too.

ill bet you were expecting some really zany chris adell style answer to my rhetorical question but nope. i literally threw something that was far away. and then it got fetched. by cocoa. who is awesome.

ok now im just rambling. i knew i shouldnt have set out to write about my life in my current state. virginia.

because really when you really think about it, weve all got babies. i mean... we dont always acknowledge them... but theyre there. just hangin. watching you from their pale lifeless eyes.

oh my god this has immediately turned into the worst blog ive ever written. did i mention im pregnant? ... shit.