Wednesday, May 4, 2005

kids these days.

Kan177: dude doesnt my profile look like the coolest profile ever?
Kan177: i so htmled that bitch.
Pattycakes Dean: (literally explodes with anger)
Pattycakes Dean: (yet can somehow still type)
Kan177: youre going in my blog for this.
Kan177: and im never letting you out.

ihavebasicskills: hey what's the name of the bright eyes song you played for me?
ihavebasicskills returned at 2:18:41 AM.
Kan177: lover i dont have to love
ihavebasicskills: that you made hand motions and mouthed
Kan177: hahahaha
Kan177: interpretive danced... asshole.
Kan177: respect the art.

SourAppl62: so here's the thing
Auto response from Kan177: giving the british parliament a long hard look at my opposable thumbs.
SourAppl62: something that i get from my dad-
SourAppl62: is always wanting things to be in order
SourAppl62: i like order
SourAppl62: so maybe thats why i like some rules
SourAppl62: i mean, i like your ideal of the only rule being that you cant infringe on someone else's liberty, but i feel like i would be hesitant because of the lack of order that could possibly ensue
SourAppl62: i like schedules, i like plans, i like lists, and i like order. and i dont really like that about myself. haha.
SourAppl62: but, alas
SourAppl62: so, being a relativist, i can still function in an absolutist society because i recognize the need for order and explanations
SourAppl62: even though deep down i have doubt about what those explanations are and could be
SourAppl62: and our capacity to understand them
SourAppl62: and there you have it
Kan177: haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha
Kan177: you are at complete liberty to make order and plans and lists and schedules for yourself
Kan177: but no one else
Kan177: and no one may make them for you.
SourAppl62: but if they are just for myself
SourAppl62: ill be constantly frustrated with other people
SourAppl62: for not having my same respect for order
SourAppl62: which is how things are for me usually
Kan177: mmm.... yes. and others have the same feeling. thus we have power struggles and such.
SourAppl62: no im just being selfish
SourAppl62: haha yes
SourAppl62: i really need to sleep. maybe ill dream about something pretty like ideal worlds. goodnight!!
Kan177: if you question yourself, and except others explanations and rules... then your screwed
Kan177: yourr their slave
Kan177: and the same works if you believe rules without explanation.
Kan177: you will be frustated when others dont accept your rules.
Kan177: but only the ones without explanation (otherwise theyd accept)
Kan177: wink
Kan177: night

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