Monday, July 4, 2005


god fucking damn it im not an objectivist. ayn rand never came up with any idea ever. she just made good novels where the superheros are aweseome and libertarian. the philosophical underpinnings of all her work are in john locke and john stuart mill and the austrian school shit and adam smith and my balls. i was a minimum wage hating freetrading government hating liberty loving nutjob since way befor i even knew what ayn rand was about.

i like her books because im a libertarian (aka neoclassical liberal, anarcho-capitalist, whatever the fuck you want to call it), and not the other way around. to the kids who read rand and think objectivism is actually original and call themselves objectivists, fuck you. you make me look bad. the only truely original stuff rand ever shat out is attempting to apply neoclassical liberalism to fucking, family life, marriage, and partying. in this one original endeavor, she failed miserably, because i still to this day dont understand how ditching your family, cheating on your wife, being a pirate, and fucking every person that you think is respectable is somehow justified by accepting life as its own standard... that being said, there are plenty of ideas in rand i agree with, but of those, i cant think of a single one that rand and objectivism have in any way whatsoever came up with. at all.

my favorite book as a 3rd grader was red planet by robert heinlen (also a saucy libertarian cat). but would i go around calling myself a heinlenian? of course not, because that would make me an idiot. and did robert heinlen act as if he was the first person to understand that liberty is the natural corallary of valuing life as its own end? of course not, because that would make him an idiot. and that is exactly why ayn rand is an idiot. fuck ayn rand and fuck objectivism. the next person that assumes i am an objectivist because i like ayn rand gets pooed on...

but i still love her novels... (what libertarian wouldnt?)


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