Tuesday, July 12, 2005

beach week.

remember this post? i promised pictures. here...


woah. that was six nights of absolute sauce.

more later but for now heres titles to my stories to clue you in...

twenty people in a three bedroom condo
copious amounts of substances
a lot of nudity
a lot of fireworks
getting chased by police atvs down the beach and getting away
gettting in a fight with some bikers
a kitten beach towel
water gun assaults on the apartment
sand castles
waking up with people and being confused
winning at random volleyballing
using luggage carts to skate
jumping in a hot tub with someone elses cell phone in my pocket because im an idiot (sorry candice)
spongebob sunglasses
dancing my face off in clubs packed with hundreds of uva kids
a mile of beach with probably over a thousand uva kids
a fair to moderate amount of memoryy loss concerning everything that took place at night (although theres some pictures floating around that ill put on here sometime)

wow. beach week...


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