Monday, June 6, 2005


woah. after that last blog, i never made it back to laurens. i felled asleep here in all my strange tshirted glory. (i am wearing katies uva basketball tshirt which is weird because i go to uva and she doesnt.) now i will copy and paste what i just told erdna, the master of disaster. (who sucks at soccer.)

interstingly enough i woke up early this morning as well... then i immediately ran into the kitchen, ate leftover chinese (the breakfast of champions) and drank three cups of water really fast, and upon reflecting on what i just done, i realized that i was still a little bit drunk from last night. im happy i woke up and ate and drank because ha! not hung. and by not hung i mean my penis is tiny. and by breakfast of champions i mean breakfast of complete idiots.


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