Monday, June 20, 2005


one of my kittens got hit by a car today... i am sad. i went to pay my respects, and lenin was very comforting. and it was the wierdest thing ive ever seen... lenin was cuddling and licking and cleaning the other two kittens... lenin is so nice. i love lenin. i left him home because he seems to have gotten pretty attached to his little brother and sister, and they probably like having him around because theyre probably pretty sad about theyre brother. im going to go cry now. just kidding. but yeh. i miss lenin now. i know ive said this at least 7 million times, (like everytime someone comes over and i cant introduce lenin because hes out at his girlfriends,) but i wish lenin had a cell phone. sigh. lenin. oh and in case you think im completely insane, lenin is my cat. he comes home when i whistle, but sometimes hes too far to hear me, hence the cell phone. he usually lives with me in charlottesville but hes been at my parents house for summer to hang out with his family. he has a girlfriend that he probably misses that lives a couple houses down from my house in charlottesville. he has his own friends and stuff... he goes in and out through my window whenever he wants... in fact ive come home to another cat being in my house (im assuming lenins friend he invited or something...) so yeh. lenin. what a cool cat. get it? cool cat... hes a cat... winkwinknudgenudge.


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