Saturday, June 18, 2005


oh and heres something cool that happened that i am copying and pasting because i am lazy.

you wanna hear a fucking weird story? so me and some people were sitting around with a windows media payer visualization and i was like "i wonder if the computer can understand us..." and the screen started this black and white strobe light thing... so i was like "wow... give me another sign." and it did it again. and i was like "holy shit! computer... do you think i should conquer the world?" and guess what happened? no, it didnt flash again. the whole thing froze, and guess what was the visualization was? it got set to picture slideshow. and it showed the grand canyon. i have 3 witnesses. ill bring you one tomorrow. if anyone else reads this and thinks im crazy... i am. so suck my asshole.

(note... me and andre decided that the future capital of earth would be the worlds tallest building built using the side walls of the grand canyon as supports.)


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