Thursday, May 24, 2007


lebanon... every summer, another war. please do butcher fatah al-islam. theyre a cancer to palestinian liberation (can we get rid of hamas while were at it?)... so kill the islamists, but for plo/pete's sake, watch out for civilians! mortar shells are flying everywhere, some missing the camp entirely! so to the lebanese army, keep going, but a take a deep breath and aim! (and by aim i mean instant message me, id love to talk.)

but heres a better idea... the reason for the seemingly indiscriminate shelling is the 1969 cairo agreement between the plo and lebanon that says lebanon can not enter the palestinian refugee camps. that was back in the days of black september, when arafat was busy creating a state within a state and the biggest threat was the host governments themselves. fatah under abu mazn has enough power within the plo to overturn that if they want to.

times have changed and the greatest threat to the plo these days is islamism. hamas, fatah al-islam, and whatever other religious fucks want to hijack the palestinian cause for islamic tyrrany. so to the plo and abu mazn, stop deluding yourself into thinking this agreement gives you control over the camps. it just gives the upper hand to the least honorable fucks that will sneak in (aka syrian intelligence). let the lebanese army into the camps, and get whatever remains of the plo to help them slaughter the islamists. all of them.

siniora, use un chapter 7 to unilaterally set up the hariri court. and tell syria to go fuck itself whilst wasting their proxies. its like cutting their penis off, only more fun. hariris ghost will be watching.

ok im going to go make two pieces of toast and throw one out for hariri. actually three because im hungry and hariri cant eat toast anyway because he got murdered. fuckkkkk.


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