Friday, June 15, 2007




fuck fuck fuck.


i could write a few pages about all this... but ill just say this.

gaza is run by islamists. and israel has withdrawn.

the west bank is now split from islamist gaza and run by secularists. the new prime minister is a phd in econ from the university of texas and former world banker.

and the west bank is occupied and there are checkpoints everywhere and israel is still withholding the palestinian tariff money and it wont allow weapons to get to abu mazen and i hate everyone.

someday maybe a u.s. policy maker or two will tell israel to go fuck itself. until then, liberalism in palestine and the arab world and the middle east will be a casualty of zionism.

because as far as i can tell, islamism pays and moderation doesnt. and it seems israel is making sure of that. and u.s. policy makers are too cowardly to do anything about it.


seriously... dont any policy makers in the u.s. realize zionism is irreconcilably contrary to liberalism? (does that sentence even make sense?) but still, the u.s. gives priority to zionism before aiding a secular government besieged by islamists. wtf?

ease sanctions?! why are there any sanctions?! you stupid fucks... the west bank under the new interim govt is a secular democratic government that recognizes israel and is run according to palestinian basic law with a bunch of phds running the government. and they are sanctioned and occupied and their tax revenues are withheld? wtf!

yet americans are confused when the arab street loses faith in liberalism and turns to islamism.

u.s. mid east policy has made a mockery of liberalism. its zionism parading around as liberalism. and if you defend zionism and say "this is liberalism", learn to expect people to tell you hypocrites defaming the name of liberty to go fuck yourselves.

so yeh... go fuck yourselves.


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