Thursday, May 3, 2007


yeh, i know i have a lot of iraq blogs.

whatever, screw you.

sooo you know whats annoying? iraq. sooo you know why? because everybody talks about the debate in terms of american lives. and thats just gay.

so about the all the withdrawal shit, as of right now, im pretty convinced that would suck for iraq.

all the liberal pussies keep talking about how starting the war was wrong. fine, i mostly agree... but for some reason everyone just assumes that means the us should withdraw... im not sure i see the connection. starting the war is a sunk cost... it doesnt have any bearing on what we should do now.

and all the conservative dicks keep talking about how we should support our troops... but for some reason everyone just assumes that means they should stay... again, i dont see the connection. just saying "support the troops" says nothing about what actions would "support the troops".

im going to post this now and go do some gymnastics and think about giving some more information on what i think... but for now ill leave you with this...

most iraqis agree that violence would be worse if the us leaves. furthermore, general petraeus is a badass. i like the outpost idea, its more dangerous for the us troops, but cowering on bases isnt exactly going to make it any safer. he has a sign on his desk that reads "how have you helped the iraqis today?" and makes everyone answer before they talk to him. when he was pulled in front of congress, he begged them for more time. i say we give it to him. along with whatever else he wants, including more troops.

and i say that out of my concern for iraq, not out of concern for the us.

so before you antiwar hippies start ranting about how terrible this war/america is, try sucking it. it tastes good... so fuck you.


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