Friday, May 18, 2007


here is a little song for while you read because i love/hate you.

beach weak. i am weak from beach weak which is as it should be. i got back today and im feeling weak and hung over and miserable and awesome.

highlights? we saw 28 weeks later and then afterwards our apartment (me, paul, jason, aaron, jocelyn, chrissy, bethany, annie, helen) pulled a prank on the newdos apartment by rearranging and hiding all their stuff (in their own place) except for their hooka which we were smoking on our porch across from theirs and then like 7 people were scaling the walls and trying to bust in so we got squirt guns and fought them off like the dirty zombie fucks they were. although paul made it in through a the confusion there was some friendly fire and civil war ensued.

it took awhile but after we got control back, we decided to set up a trap and 4 brave volunteers from team zombiekill went on a mission to place the hooka as bait and when they came to get it, squirt the shit out of them. we drew guns and covertly darted across the space between our buildings to execute the mission when the government, handcuffing some drunky across the street, got wind and gave chase. we totally got that kid out of trouble because scouts on our porch watching saw him let the kid go and run after us. he caught us and thought it was a bong and he was wrong so we went about our merry way... but the government foiled our mission. but i did get chased by police giving me a 2/3 ratio for police chases during beach week.

oh and we built a 4 foot tall ziggurat sand castle that was awesome. pictures later.

and in "chris adell has the wierdest digestive system ever" news (you may remember this from such episodes as "chris has the most predictable, frequent, regular bowel movements ever") there was this one night i made a drink with well over 5 shots of 35% bacardi and absolutely nothing NOTHING happened. i thought maybe it wasnt absorbing because i had a greasy dinner and the drink i made was thick... cookies and cream ice cream and a banana and 5 shots blended... so i tried to force absorbtion with carbonation and i had a few beers. nothing. any ideas? im starting to wonder if my body actually has some mechanism where if its getting too much of something, it literally just poops it out without absorbing. im still confused.

oh and i danced my face off at the spanish galleon. woot.

on the way back i stopped off in richmond and hung out with charlie and whitney and saw some old friends which was awesome because i found out they (casey and a friend) are opening up a small shop where harrison street book store used to be. badass. im getting more into the idea of returning to richmond... it was a pretty good time.

did i mention that word on the street is that im moving back to richmond? im going to try and get my mba at vcu... i have mixed feelings because i kind of feel like a fuckup... if i had better grades at uva, i could be going to a really awesome business school in dc or something saucy like that, but since i suck im going to go take more undergrad classes at vcu and even then there is a possibility that if i dont get like straight As first semester and rock the gmats, i might not be able to get guaranteed admission into vcu grad school. grmph. whatevs, live and learn. or dont... because ive definetly felt like this before. damn im awesome/retarded.

uva graduation is tomorrow. parties abound today. woot. i still have to take a summer class to really be done, but im going to pretend im done because i feel like it.

ok i hate you bye. see you next time... unless you suddenly realize that by reading this youre actually still listening to what i have to say. which is weird.


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