Monday, July 28, 2008


how loyal is the hungry dog? how stable is this civilization?

same answer.

moral absolutes are the lowest common denominator of the civilized man. utilitarian calculations partially explain the remainder.

and karma?

there is no karma.

youve been decieved. and youve decieved yourself.

patterns. identity. defenses. justifications. rationalizations. realizations.

who ive become. who i am. i am (not) condemned.


  1. if you look into the darkness too long, the darkness looks back.

    i think nietzsche said that.

    he's right about that.

    in general, you've got to make a choice. feed the hungry dog and pretend you decided to, and were meant to. you'll be happy and fluffskins will be too. buy now!!

  2. i want to know if the darkest thoughts are true.

    but what can you learn about truth without a shred of light?

    maybe you learn how hard it is to learn submerged in darkness.

    either way, buy sell buy sell!