Tuesday, July 15, 2008

towards a new militancy.

towards a new militancy.

it was never us versus them, but the cancers within us both. seperate entities seeking eachothers destruction. so towards a new kind of militancy. kill the cancer. those individual parts of our society that advocate the seperateness of two entities, and the indivdual parts of the corallary that co opt the projection. so to tear us, once one contiguous civiliation, into two. repeat this process until there is no civilization left to speak of. you will find your freedom there, where each that professes to civilize another has been stripped of all ability to coerce.

but beware... infinite division can easily become cancerous.

self projection.

last night i had a dream that i met nouri al-maliki.

over and over and over. torch my front lawn you fucking fuck.

once upon a time, i fought. i have eyes everywhere. i see lies everywhere. but how many victories secure an empire? faithful governance. and an external scapegoat. and she falls in love with the sound of ships sinking.

compare everything. forgive nothing.

every apartment is vacant. every home for rent!

blood drops in coconuts.

your friends are all cripple, all wither, all wilt.

in the world of men, i reign. in the world of humans, i am no exception.

note to self (not to self)... dont fuck up.


secondary mortgage markets. mortgage backed financial derivatives. innovative financial instruments.

interconnectedness. too big to fail. bailouts.

im not issuing any credit right now.

just let it die. it all dies in the end anyway... right kitty?

things i rememeber being really special that i lost. a poem. and pictures for a poem. and a friend.

i am a machine. gene machine. moths have a lot in common with me.

moths fly into the candle flame, and it doesn't look like an accident. they go out of their way to make a burnt offering of themselves. we could label it 'self-immolation behaviour' and wonder how darwinian natural selection could possibly favour it. my point, again, is that we need to rewrite the question before we can even attempt an intelligent answer. it isn't suicide. apparent suicide emerges as an inadvertent side-effect.

artificial light is a recent arrival on the night scene. until recently, the only night lights were the moon and the stars. being at optical infinity, their rays are parallel, which makes them ideal compasses. insects are known to use celestial objects to steer accurately in a straight line. the insect nervous system is adept at setting up a temporary rule of thumb such as "steer a course such that the light rays hit your eye at an angle of 30 degrees." since insects have compound eyes, this will amount to favouring a particular ommatidium. (individual optical tube radiating out from the centre of the compound eye.)

but the light compass relies critically on the celestial object being at optical infinity. if it isn't, the rays are not parallel but diverge like the spokes of a wheel. a nervous system using a 30 degree rule of thumb to a candle, as though it were the moon, will steer its moth, in a neat logarithmic spiral, into the flame.

it is still, on average, a good rule of thumb. we don't notice the hundreds of moths who are silently and effectively steering by the moon or a bright star, or even the lights of a distant city. we see only moths hurling themselves at our lights, and we ask the wrong question. why are all these moths committing suicide? instead, we should ask why they have nervous systems that steer by maintaining an automatic fixed angle to light rays, a tactic which we only notice on the occasions when it goes wrong. when the question is rephrased, the mystery evaporates. it never was right to call it suicide.

what makes a me, me? (meme?) positive feedback from self projection? cuz i get that. usually the more ridiculously i throw myself out there, the better. except sometimes when i dont get positive feedback. raised eyebrows? look like bridges to other places.

sometimes when im alone, i like to pretend the tree branches are extended hands trying to give me a high five / help with my arbitrary geographical positioning. and the root systems have all blended together so that all the identical manifestations of a maples genes come to represent a single living entity... a whole forest documenting my travels. i took this picture from my bedroom... its a tree that lives outside my bedroom window and watches me while i sleep.

anyway... hows your life? want a sandwich? ill buy you one. because i like you.

the world is the smallest place ever. geospatial distances mean nothing to me. the little neurons that get me to erase the distance between me and my energy have undertaken a cooperative effort to merge cities. these corriders are axons and highways. piled on top of eachother to infinity. pardoxically temporarily. but only temporally... existentially? infinity ad absurdum. so fuck you.

because youre all i need.


  1. 1. that tree clearly has eyes, and is definitely watching you.
    2. i was trying to think of a concise reply about your internal political debate. and my brain isn't working. why? because i just spent 10 hours walking around the hot city to petition for a 3rd party candidate.

  2. haha... 3rd parties dont stand a chance in this political landscape. but if you really dislike both front runners beyond the whole lesser evil thing, voting for a 3rd party makes a nice political statement.