Sunday, August 31, 2008

drunkspress train to self awaremess.



all i see are quiggly lines and i fucking love. it.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok im wasted on an express train to dc.

our love to admire.

dear person,


but im glad it catches up with us all in the end. maybe there is karma. i hope so cuz ima get a fucking sandwich. and its gonna aste really really good.

SCENERY LIES. scenery flies by! scenery lies.

SAVING! thank blog machine. you are the savior. saver? savious? octavious.

ummm.... am i still typing? holy shit i blacked the fuck out last night

blacking out is when you dont remember things in case youre an idiot.

which you are.

what? no... YES. give it to me.

dude im still typing. lets type the whoeeee train ride. one tap tap after another tap tap tap tpppp.


ride wit me.

i had more money last night. seriousy... where the fuck did all m cash go? mybe i houldnt post this one....


dear wires. GET THE FUCK OFF ME.

im so in love.

why isnt everything wireless? like... toasters... and... biscuits.

seriosuly read the biscuits 10 times real fast... its totally not spelled right ever cuz its a fucked up word and no one likes it.....


adventures all the fucking time... so last night i drank a lot and blacked out. i was trying to leave nyc early early early to get back in time to hang with my cuz whos over from afghanistan... and.... i definetly woke up at 1030am and i was like shit so i sped outta there got in a cab to penn station and the next thing i remember is being nudged by the driver like yo dude... you okay? were here. and me being like holy shit thanks. and i stumbled and fumbled my way onto a train . and now im here.


also ive recently adopted the habit of replacing the word curious with bicurious at every opportunity just for fun... but heres the thing... sometimes thats inappropriate. thats it... i wont tell the story but you can imagine.

you know whos a liar? big fat fucking liar? dj khaled. in the song "out here grindin" he says he hasnt slept in 8 days and he could go for 8 weeks. i totally disagree and im totally right. so yea. me on the other hand. i need to stop passing out in strange places.

W-E-T-H-E-B-E-S-T. (dj khaly!)

i wake up to get my cake up what can i say im a product of my environment...

owwwwww my fucking head. fuck.

can i type with my ees lodef? cuz i think i can. so whats up susan? awesome... ima mothafucking bloggin machine.

holy shit the only thing i missed was eyes closed/ thats awesome.... so you know what tastes awesome? POPEYES. yum.

you kno what else ules? bolt bus. shit is awesome. sometimes i but rickets and throw em away ust for fun.

im tuping all this with my closed because its fun me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LIFE IS HILARIOUS>

dude s you know who rules? andre weldu.


ummm....... maybe i should open my eyes now... i bet this looks really weirds to the other people on this train.... cuz im definetly looking upwards with my eyes closed and still typing reallt fast and duriously... woah. im not angry at all. im fast though definetly.

ok goodnight.

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