Tuesday, March 1, 2005


wierd day... ghosts followed me everywhere i went. they were even in my classes learning calculus. i saw some other people with ghosts of their own.

i remembered how i used to have recess... i wish i still had recess. i listened to some glassjaw and remembered when i didnt have recess anymore.

so many contradictions to sort, so many ghost wandering around in my apartment. i would like to speak to them, but they dont talk. they just follow me to my classes. i have a new bike that goes pretty fast, but they always keep up. i wish they took notes for me in class or maybe made me dinner or something, but the more they hang around, the more i think theyre useless. still, i hesitate to send them away... i worry that were i to leave them behind, i would condemn them to be forever useless when they may have some purpose in the future...

but keeping them around is difficult. especially because one of the ghosts masturbates to internet porn far too often and i need my computer for schoolwork...


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