Tuesday, March 29, 2005


today, i went to outback with james paul and lauren and had lots of food. then we hookahed and watched family guy. yesterday, i went to laurens and we made ourselves a saucy dinner then me and paul went to jasons dorm and listen to jason and the poops (aka avp) cover coldplay, the scientist, which made me think of how far i am now from before and how i still think of before so much more than any other time ever. dont know if i like it, but its there. then all of us went to alexs drom room and drank saucy drinks and played scrabble and i somehow tied paul for the lead, which made me happy because i had the shittiest letters of everyone. the night before that i had a fat dinner with the family in nova and then hung out with laura in richmond. the night before that me and andre had a grilling burgers and hot dogs with pat dean steve pratt whitney christin aamber lizzy katie in richmond. the night before that i saw engine down in charlottesville and then hookahed and my house with lenin andre paul and some richmonders and made friends with their uva friends. the night before that me and paul had a fierce debate about cultural relativism which started because we had to help lauren on a paper where she defended it which is a horrible idea when im around. i dont really remember what the night was before that... but whenver i think of what ive done in the past few days i think i like life. still, theres so much more i want to do. the days should be longer. the years too. i wish i could live for at least twice as long. and stay this age for a really l0ong time... like 5 more years at least. im not sure where im going with all this... but umm... i like apples. its also funny to think of the people that ever have something against me and stuff... cuz yeh. theyre usually later either way exposed in a giant crap shit of theyre own whilst i was a deflection for the blame. im thinking of how a day or two ago i got flustered because julia was calling me a psycho in her internet crap because i was nice enough to make her a cd i promised her even though we arent together anymore. i thought maybe after she called me a psycho for making her something i shouldnt give it to her, and instead tell everyone and make a big deal about how she deleted all my internet shit and blahblahblah... but then i thought about it for a minute or two and then felt sorry for her and made her a nice case for her cd which i will give her on her birthday. and then i thought some more (and by that i mean thought just now,) how everyone that has ever crossed me ive ended up just feeling sorry for. and thats kind of cool. i think i like myself. but still not as much as i like andre weldy. because he is awseome. and noww tommy just sent me richard cheese's cover of nine inch nails which is funny. and another thing that is funny is the n in nails looks backwards to me because its the right way. nine inch nails was one of my favoritest bands once upon a time. along with rage and tool. i would like to learn musical instruments. i would like to see more of the world. i would like to start a hookah bar chain in all college towns, and go to grad school, and start an economic development company and work for the u.n. and also teach. and also i want to wage guerilla warfare against lots of governments and be a professor in economics someday. i also would like to raise a kid awesomely and have a lenin-poo around too. i also want to write a lots of things about econ and poitics and stuff. basically just a compilation of all of me and andre and tommy brendan mark pauls conversations ever. the world would be way enlightened. i wish i had recorded all those... but i got most of it i think. blahblahblah. anyway. yeh. life is fun. i wish i had more of it. i mean that in both the "i need to get a life" sense, and the "im overflowing my stupid physical confines with desire." just kidding. more the second one. im so full of myself. but yeh... what a good description. im full, and need more of myself to actually do it all. ive filled myself. im full. of myself. woo. maybe too rosy? not everything is perfect... but then again, what the hell would i do with myself if it was? be bored i suppose. i always wonder too... who the hell reads these? ...blahblahblah enough for now. waffles. toodles poodles.

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