Sunday, April 10, 2005


ahahaha!!AAAHHH . wow that was insane. i got in a fight!!!! AHHHHH!!! ok so story time.

so pauls big 15th anniversary acapella concert was last night. after concert we were walking with helencindymiles and they were lagging way behing like a block behind cuz they were all drunk and slow and silly.

a block away from party me and paul walking with miles helen and cindy walking about a block behind us, 3 guys walking the opposite direction, the third one just punches paul in the stomach for absolutely NOOOO reason whatsoever. (like we didnt even make eye contact i dont think)

and i turn around and im like "what the fuck?" and the guys like "you gonna do something" and i go "yeh" and i went after him and he started running and i chased him fer like 10 seconds or something. i stop in some church parking lot and yell some explative at him as he just keeps running and disappears.

then i turn around to walk back and 4 guys are standing in the church parking lot and cmoing towards me. it was all movie like ahhh. and i was like god im fucked.

so one of them knocks me down and i got punched a few times in the face (i think... its all kinda blurry from there but my jaw hurts)

but heres the wierdest part... next thing i remember is it ended just because im standing in the grass next to the parking lot and 3 of em are walking towards me and i look at them and liike put my hands down and yell out "ALRIGHT HOLD ON.... what the fuck?!"

i remember when i said it i was standing in the grass on the side of the parking lot like ten feet away from where i got knocked down and theyre kinda walking towards me. (how the hell did i end up there?)

and theyre like "well you were chasing our friend." and i go "well he punched my friend for absolutely no reason... what do you expect?" and then we all just kinda look at eachother and blink a lot, and then they all just take off.

i didnt know what had happened to paul, but apparently one of the four ran over to paul who was still by the street like a little ways away and him and paul were dancing (and by dancing i mean punching eachother).

at this point, miles helen and cindy had caught up to where paul was and saw them jump in a red pickup truck with a confederate flag on the front plate and a missouri license plate on the back. as they drove off miles and paul kinda ran after fer a little bit, but the kids reached down and covered the plates.

i walked back to the street from the church and see cindy and helen. they told me miles and paul were running after them. i called paul and he told me he had called the cops (horrible idea, cuz wed totally get in trouble for assault too...) and told them stuff... but at this point the kids were gone and we went to the party and continued about our business.

but im retardadly confused about a whole bunch of stuff.

first, why the fuck did that kid punch paul?

second, why did he say "you gonna do something?" like he would fight, and when i looked like i was, run away and disappear.

third, where the fuck did those other 2 guys come from? maybe they were behind them and i didnt see em or something... but wierd.

fourth, why the hell did his friends step in to try defend that shit? i mean... yeh if its like a slowly escalated exchange or something, sure, defend your friend. (or in my case, if someone punches your friend for absolyutly no reason.) but what kind of dickhead defends someone who just punched a kid half his size for no reason at all.

fifth, why the hell did everyone just stop when i yelled out "ALRIGHT< HOLD ON." AHHH!??!!?!!! and i was kinda like why the hell are we fighting? and everyone kinda looks around and just runs off. i mean... did they not know that the guy i was chasing had just punched paul? because when i said "what the fuck?" (as in, why the hell are WE fighting?) they were like "well you were chasing our friend" and when i replied "well your friend just punched mine for absolutely no reason, what do you expect?" they all kinda of like... agreed or something. AHHHHHH. 3 of them and just me, so its not like im very threatening at this point. so like... what couldve possibly stoppped them except for me telling them that their friend had just punched mine? god... so fucking weird. but i dunno... i feel like it would have been impossible not to see that... they were walking in front of him i suppose... hmm...

anyway yeh. im not sure what happened fer like a some unknown amount time period. all i remember is getting knowed down and then next thing i was standing in the grass like 10 feet away and like, talking with them... oh and my jaw hurts a lot today... (luckily i had corn beef hash for breakfast which is soft and gooey.)

what a weird and confusing chain of events.

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