Monday, February 27, 2006


lenin is FUCKING INSANE. so in case you dont already know the stories... my cat does whatever the fuck he wants whenever the fuck he wants.

i had him when he was born in northern virginia. when he was a kitten, he used to like to get in the car with me and sit in the passenger seat... i brought him with me to school in cville last year... so ever since he was about 2 months old, hes been living the college life. (learnin and shit.)

last year at 227 14th, i always left the window cracked so he went in and out whenever he wanted. he pretty much always made a point of being home around 1 or 2 when wed go to bed together and cuddle. (im not gay, youre gay.) if he wasnt home, i would go outside and whistle for him and if he was within hearing range, hed come running. hes really social and pretty muchhh makes friends with everybodies. last year when james and alex were my neighbors, he would follow me over to their houses and sometimes hed go over there to say hello while i was in classes. he got a girlfriend across the street at 214 14th, and made love with her often. one time he got in a fight and cut his leg. i took him to the vet and gave him meddicines. that cats probably deader than dead now. lenin owns the streets and lenins friends probably killed that cat or whatever the hell it was. lenin used to go to parties and stuff too... like i think maybe it was james? but yeh... someone was showing me pictures of lenin at a party somewhere id never been with people i didnt know some weekend when i had gone to nova.

anyway yeh... so this year, my house doesnt allow pets, but i gave some trial periodness to see if i could cheat... but in that trial period, lenin made super good friends with his neice, little che. she was a tiny tiny like... one month old kitten whos siblings didnt make it, so she was all alone. after she was old enough, my parents gave her mom away (grrr.) and she followed lenin EVERYWHERE. they were pretty much inseperable. lenin adopted her and trained her in ideology and guerilla tactics and stuff and she became his protege... after that... i didnt want to take lenin away again so i left him in nova since like august.

so yeh... lenin. whackiest most interestingest cat ever. ive conjured up a million plans to figure out what the hell his life is like... cuz yeh... he spends his time doing cool shit like fighting wars (and winning... with my support anyway), screwin hos (though ive heard hes a gentle lover), going to parties (that i dont even know about), and raising little che.

in cville, i always kept his collar on him with my phone number in case he got into too much trouble. in nova though, theres not much to get in trouble with and stuff... so no collar. in nova, i wasnt there so he would wander for a couple days at a time and come back. early novemeber though, he stopped coming back. typically, che would go with him... and used to disappear for a couple days at a time as well. che probably knew where lenin was and visited him. but yeh. THREE MONTHS of no lenin. so anyway... this weekend, i went to nova to pick up jen and hung out there thursday night. my dad says that he thought he saw lenin looking around friday night, after i had left. so then he disappeared again for a couple days. then i dropped jen off in nova and helped my parents move some stuff and while im loading stuff in the cars, guess who comes running up to me? LENIN. motherfucker.

that cat is fucking nuts. WHERE THE HELL HAS HE BEEN FOR THE PASST THRREEE MONTHS?! wtf and a half. dude. yeh. i mean he does crazy shit daily ive never fully figured out, but this... this is absolutely insane. how did he happen to come back twice when i was around? did he know i was there? did he know we were moving? cuz if he hadnt showed up, were finishing moving in like a week. has he been with people? other cats? has che been with him? did che know where he was? anyway yeh. im trying to teach him english so he can tell me all this stuff... but its not working. god lenin is so fucking crazy. fighting, fathering, partying, and this. coolest slash wierdest cat ever.



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