Thursday, February 2, 2006


here is the text of all the crap i wrote in 2002 using a bunch of random predictions. i can show you the date the file was made and stuff if youd like... but hopefully you just believe me. i honestly think its kind of silly but whatever... lets see what becomes of all this.

nuke in jeruselem september 13 2006 (from libyan artillery on pisgah mountains?) leads to ww3
death of prime minister (israeli? sharon? leads to netenyahu?) leads to ww3

ww3 invasion from syria by combined armies (arabs? persians?)
retaliation from air base at mount megiddo or harmegiddo (by combined armies?) (by missile?) (isael and west?)

earthquake l.a. 2010
earthquake china 2006
earthquake japan 2006 (leads to economic collapse)

comet scare 2012

volcano in yellowstone?


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