Wednesday, February 1, 2006


wowww i havent blogged in awhile... im a little bit nervous so be gentle. (ha. last time i said that... well... no, nevermind...)

ok heres my life. classes started a couple weeks ago but i think ive been to a total of... maybe 15 out of 30? ouch. wow i suck. of course the instead might actually sort of be worth it. especially now that i found out i actually dont need to take some of the ones ive been skipping the most and so bam! dropped. and then wow. what a past few weekends.

theyve sorta blended together into a big ball of creampuff, but it goes a little something like this. ny the first weekend... and wow... yeh i totally wanna go back. like right now... grmph. awesomest friends ever, lots of yummy restaurants, lots of bars, the moma, trump tower, world conquering plans, sweetass apartment, cute dog, creampuffs, meeting people, anddd did i mention awesomest friends ever?

i think the ride back was the funniest car ride of my life... so when i went to get my ticket for the new jersey turnpike, the toll booth guy held it out and i reache out to grab it and physically grabbed the wrong space. of course who the hell expects anyone to do that? so upon me grasping, the guy let go of the ticket and i made a funny noise out of surprise. the ticket literally floated in mid air for a full 3 or 4 seconds upon which me and the toll booth guy made eye contact and i think i saw felt his soul or something. then as we lovingly looked into eachothers eyes, with my arm extended and my hand clenched in the wrong place, this gentle breeze came and blew the ticket into my window. then the guy, who was really wide eyed and surprised in sort of a gentle tone of disbelief whispers "you got it..." and i nodded yes without braking eye contact and then drove away. i think i may have fallen in love with a toll booth guy...

ok so yeh... also on the way back we were pulling away from a rest stop and sam put his nintendo ds on the dashboard. i turned in the parking lot and the ds fell and hit me right were that knee jerk thing is so i involuntarily kicked up and hit the steering wheel and the car flung left and the windshield wipers and the signal turned on and everyone started screaming so i slammed on the brakes and honked the horn and stalled. oh and i totally drove for 6 hours the whole way from ny to cville and went to my classes the next morning. woah. and sam stayed up with me the wholleee time so i kind of love him a litte bit. ok a lot bit. (faggot.)

heres a couple cool quotes.

sam: yeh... i would totally forgive someone for cheating. i mean i could definetly see myself accidentally having sex.
me: what? how do you accidentally have sex?
sam: i dunno... like if i thought i was falling into a warm piece of bread or something...

reina: yo dude, theres straight up shrimp in that piece.

speaking of new york... i haad a weirddd dream the other night that i was sort of on the same trip except i started going to a school there that was run by disney and i took a class called madonna and pop culture that was actually a front for a class about guns. weird... there was lots of other weird stuff but that i think is the strangest.

then last weekend was pretty ridiculous too. weather was awesome the whole time so yeh... thursday i played tennis with andre and paul... i was pretty miserable about hamas and the elections sooo later i went to bars after with dre and libby and sam and adrienne... i ended up drunk from free drinks from micheals bistro and passed out on my floor wearing my fatah kaffiyeh in a pile of trash (from knocking my trashcan over) with propaghandi - hallie sallasse, up your ass playing and with hooka all over me. apparantly at some point in the night... i had noticed the hooka hose and wanted hooka so i pulled it really hard and pulled the hooka onto my head from the desk. i broke it. if i ever conquer the world and write an autobiography im pretty sure ill write that it was at that moment i realized i was the chosen one. (chosen to be a complete idiot and fail miserably at everything.)

anyway yeh... then friday... woke uppp and got bagels with dre and libby, played tennis again, went to two parties, had a dance party at my house. pretty sweeet. oh and i wet myself in front of everyone. how embarassing!

thennn... saturday woke up to people grilling, got bagels with dre and libby, played soccer with paul and some kids, then played tennis again, then came home to like 10 people hanging out and still grilling... changed and went to johns birthday dinner, then on the way back we realized that between the grilling and everyone at dinner we had lik 25 people... so we got a keg on the way back and completely randomly had an impromptu party.

sunday... bagels again and more tennis... and my parents came and took me andre out to fancy dinner. yum.

sooooo yeh. basically im a tennis playing alcoholic who is into middle east politics and dancing and fine dining... but then again, who isnt? (oh wait... everybody.)

i just dropped a bunch of classes today so im takinggg... modern political theory, liberalism and its critics, international relations of the middle east, and economic development. oh and yeh... it turns out ive accidentally made it so i can graduate this summer... i dont want to though... ill figure something out. maybe a third major? i dont even think thats allowed... fuck...

hey so how awesome is the internet? tonight i was simultaneously listening to music, downloading songs, wikipedia-ing the roman empire and the history of the middle east, howstuffworks-ing and talking to parker about screenprinting, talking to noel about the trade defecit with china and the currency implications, anddd wetting my pants. can YOU do that? well actually yes you can... thanks to the internet. call the 1800 number on the bottom of your screen and order today. but WAIT. if you call now, we will even suck your cock... you fucking faggot.

what? ok sorry. yeh so this is already way too long and i have a 9am class tomorrow so im screwed...

heres my plans for the next little while. im going to nova friday to see 36mafia (woah) and coming back here for party on saaturday. thennn next weekend sahar comes thrusday for nada surf and then friday i really realllllly wanna go to ny again... wow... oh man... life... wow... <3


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