Monday, January 9, 2006


listening to deftones adrenaline again is really fun. listening to it backwards? its the album they never released... even better.

im reading about the lead up to the tal (iraqi constitution) and its really cool cuz if you remember my post way back in the day about the constitution... yeh... im actually understanding how each line was painstakingly agreed upon by all the kids involved and just whos ideas are where and what in the constitution. as much as i used to hate it... im sort of realizing how hard it was and that this constitution is actually pretty decent.

last night i was in richmond playing drinking games. today i definately wore my somalian flag tshirt, and i got my kaffiyeh in the mail and put that on bandit style, and i went streaking around on my new bmx bike with a backpack full of books on iraq basking in the ridiculously awesome weather.

woah... i was originally gonna make fun of myself for being overly political and all out gay but i pretty much realized that im basically my dream woman. except i hate myself and im not a woman. (or am i?)


new york trip on the 20th. be there or be square.


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