Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iranian protester demands.

heres a list of iranian protester demands that ive seen circulating...

1. remove khamenei as supreme leader because he doesnt qualify as a fair supreme leader
2. remove ahmadinejad as president because he took it forcefully and unlawfully
3. put ayatollah montazeri as supreme leader until a review group for the ghanooneh asasi (constitution) is set up
4. recognize mousavi as the official president
5. a goverment by mousavi and start a reform of the constitution
6. free all political prisoners without any ifs ands or buts, right away
7. call off all secret organizations such as "gasht ershad"

(i made some minor english improvements.)

i dont think ive ever fully understood twitter until now... the amount of tweets under #iranelection is mindblowing. oh and ahmadinejads twitter is amazing.

also, i think im going to set up a proxy so get in touch for the details. heres instructions on how to do it, and read this and this too.

anddd this.

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