Thursday, January 15, 2009


if you're short on time, watch from about 6 to 9 minutes in.

dead on. history has passed peace by.

want more? listen from about 12 to 14 minutes.

the idea that israel is a democracy is the biggest joke ever told. (not the funniest.) israel is an apartheid state. the number of people under israeli rule without basic "democratic" rights is rapidly approaching a majority. it's the demographic time bomb.

how do israelis rationalize this? they call those under israeli rule without rights "occupied," while the ruling class, soon to be the minority, are "citizens." occupied implies a temporary state of affairs, and so this claim is only legitimate to the extent that the israelis actually intend to leave the occupied territories.

in the days of yitzhak rabin, the occupation claim might have been credible. but the extremists took care of that, and we got sharon the butcher instead. not that there isn't any decent leaders in the middle east anymore, but they're mostly sidelined by the hardline.

every day, with every new settler and every new settlement, the occupation claim gets harder and harder to believe. no, the settlers don't represent the majority, but they are the minority in de facto control of a de jure apartheid state.

listen from about 20 minutes onward.

the islamist pm of turkey is rumored to have once said "democracy is like a train. you get on it, and get off once you reach your destination." israel is on that same train, and america is being strung along for the ride.

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