Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dear iraq.

hey hows that whole sectarian thing going?

maybe you could vote secular. this guy did...

and look how happy!

fuck the united iraqi alliance and the iraqi accord front, my votes for iraqi national accord and the iraqi national list.

i hate to say it, but given the context, puffy might actually have a point here...

so dont be stupid. k thx bye. ♥

ps... i cant fucking wait to find out which islamic capital obama will speak in. my guess is amman, but baghdad would be the awesomest symbolism ever so im definitelyyy hoping baghdad.

oh and obama's first interview as president? al-arabiya. his first phone call as president? abu mazen. im fucking loving it. (and i dont mean mcdonalds.)

(sorry, the video quality on all the direct al-arabiya video is terrible so all i could get you is cnn. k thx bye.)

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