Sunday, July 29, 2007


so for the last few weeks ive been waking up in random places and trying to figure out where i am and how i got there. i pretty consistently end up in a new place before i have time to figure anything out, so i still dont really have any idea whats going on.

im in buenos aires right now, hanging with jaime and nate. i spent this morning hung over as shit, (from bars/clubs/dancing my pants off last night,) frantically flipping through channels looking for the iraq soccer game. apparently argentina cares a lot about soccer but not much about iraq.

the closest thing i could find was a weirdass argentine news "war on terror" segment which consisted of a 10 minute u.s. airport security montage with a thumping techno remix of wagners flight of the valkyries in the background. fuck. of course the game was the headline of every major news channels website, (cnn, al jazeera, bbc...) but nowhere to be found in argentina. grmph!

i gave up and we ordered some chinese food por curing hangover, which helped. (by the way, "por" is spanish for "for"... idiot.) hangover cured, i had to be contented with repeatedly checking the internet. which eventually led to this.

next stop, the weekly independent clothes designers market outside jaimes house.

so its been cville->providence->cville->salem->cville->rva->obx->dc->buenos aires...
and soon itll be buenos aires->dc->nice->cannes->paris->newcastle->london->dc->rva->nyc->rva.




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