Friday, December 9, 2005


AHHHHH! dude, ok. so i totally just sauced, like probably got a hundredddd million on my public choice final. so after i finish, i walk up and plop my test sur le table and my professor goes "you like coffee?" and so i go "yeh!" he then reaches down under the table and pulls out one of those big gallon starbucks coffee things full of coffee. he pushes across the table to me and goes "remember when i signed you into this class and you promised not to be trouble? well you are trouble." so i go, "thanks. happy easter!" and walk out.

upon leaving, i immediately call andre to tell him that i just got a fucking gallon of free coffee, (totally expecting him to be like "really?! im coming to cville!") when i see john ruscher walking from our house to the library. so i give him some coffee and walk with him. i get into the library which was/is packkked because of finals week. i put the coffee on a table, grab a marker, and make a sign that says "free coffee, courtesy of capitalism." and then in smaller letters underneath, "with the potential to generate enough wealth for us all to give eachother coffee." and then immediately ran out. (with the coffee. .........just kidding.)

ok, so heres whats funny. for you economically inclined kids, public choice is basically using economic analysis (freeriding, shirking, public goods) to explain governemental behavior. our professor, as a joke sort of thing, was like "ok so ill bet you guys refreshments during the final exam that the shirking/freeriding problem will make it so less than 2/3 of you do the course evalutaions even though im offering a public good as an incentive." we beat him by one.

now heres the kicker. (what the hell is a kicker?) im totally one of the people who didnt do the course evaluations. im a freerider! WAHHH! so basically heres what just happened... i just used one of the biggest market failures ever to turn around and immediately shamelessly promote my radically free market philosophy. ARGH! now this all leads me to two conclusions...

one... i am fucking sweet.

two... life is fucking sweet.

and three... any philosophy where even its biggest failures can be used to shamelessy promote itself is fucking sweet. maybe even sweeeter than me! (but probably not.)

and four... oh, come on! did you really think i was going to stick to two?!

oh and FIVE... life is FUCKING AWESOME. WOOOOO! SPRING BREAK '88! SUCK IT! AHHHHH! (vomit everywhere.)


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