Monday, December 26, 2005


so earlier today i found out that chris cheethams older brother nate shot and killed their mom and then went to adam prices house and shot and killed adam, the dogs, adams mom, and chris burro who i guess was there hanging out with adam at the time.

im wierded out... i thought nate was an ok fellow. i mean always in trouble with the law and stuff... but then again so am i. and at first i didnt really believe it cuz i thought this had supposedly happened awhile ago and i was like... "no way. adams not dead... i just saw him a couple nights ago." but yeh... i was over there four nights ago and i suppose a couple days afterwards this all happened.

wierd... i just saw adam and his mom and said i liked their new house and stuff and then two days later theyre both murdered. fuck.

(ratatat - cherry.)


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