Sunday, November 13, 2005


i mean come on, why wouldnt i?

so that was fun...

weekend in la learning how the last four generations of my family has had everything siezed by governments. (bombs in lebanon. islam in iran, twice. communism in russia.) week of classes. weekend swinging on my door while listenening to banquet with a shitload of friends. weekdays alternating between classes and courtrooms avoiding imprisonment. weekend imprisonment. weekdays alternating between classes and revolution. weekend partying at lake lousia. (same location as jail! coincidence?) weekdays winning revolution. always fucking surrounded by friends. fucking. surrounded. always.

and about that jail thing... ive eluded the state after a year of dealing, teaching myself to drive at 12, getting away from like 5 cops while driving at 12, beachside atv chases for mortars, helicopter chases for molotov cocktails, countless curfew searches and siezures, shooting mortar fireworks at cops harassing teens, and pranks on the cops that used to surveille my house... i think the state deserves (i use the term loosely) at least a little something something. its unfortuanate it will only be 20 over, 85 in 65. (ive always thought the credit card fraud and theft was much more creative.) but they will have to work with/for what they can get/steal. and i shall work with what i can get/create. wealth created is infinitely greater than wealth obtained by theft. and i dont mean money. so tomorrow i go to court. maybe some jail. ill let you know. i see it as training. so fuck them. (the victor in all conflicts shall be he who posseses a greater command of the truth and all its glory.)

dear life,
slow the fuck down.
love, $
p.s. and more andre please. the man and the drink.

dear ashkan,
ok, but first you have to suck my big fat cock.
love, life

dear life,
ok. i love a hot cock in my mouth.
love, $
p.s. shit in my ass. ooohhh yehhh.

dude. i need a vacation. or do i? zing. oh and i put my revolution picture up. you know... the one i lead with a watergun... its only fitting, right?

i think i may sleep with banquet on repeat tonight.

(song whilst writing? bloc party - banquet, bloc party - this modern love, hot hot heat - no, not now.)


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