Monday, November 14, 2005


woahhh... 24 blog views in a day and its only 1:30. somebody probably accidently jammed the mouse button on reload. worried about jail? NO JAIL! the state just stole some money. a bribe if you will. (to use the proper terms, a fine as a result of a plea bargain.)

fuck i love my friends. FUCK I LOVE YOU. feel my heartbeat. and my cock. no? too much, too fast? ok, fine... just my heartbeat for now. this song makes me. sad. happy. sadhappy. or is it happysad? where the hell did i even get all this awesome music?

shit dude. so heres a new emotional state. bipolar bounces between pertpetual disconnect from reality with warm and gooey euphoria flooded with nostalgic memories that make me feel lonely and miss stuff and returns to reality with the realization ill be looking back on the present with just as much nostalgic glory and admiration for all of this... this being "fucking awesomeness."

second feeling increasing at a decreasing rate. (first derivative > 0, second derivative < 0.)

a fucking awesome house in cville, a fucking awesome house in nova, a fucking awesome school/city/hopes for the future. fucking awesome parties every weekend, fucking awesome trips to new cities every weekend, a fucking awesome crew with whom to combat tyranny and learn a shitload, and a fucking awesome cat named lenin. sigh. lenin lenin lenin. what a fucking cutie. now theres the type that warrants a fuck on the first date.

and thats just now. what of the prospects? numerous and bright. just have to avoid car crashes and shootings. knowing me, knowing conflict... note to self: under violent conditions, be CAREFUL!

i wish every weekend. could be. more like me.

next weekend, you say? tons of old friends converging on the bumfuck county that tried to imprison me? sounds like more fucking awesomeness.

(song whilst writing? annie - heartbeat, metric - combat baby.)

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