Thursday, June 13, 2013

something syria this way comes?

Stringing some strings together, Anusar Farooqui over at The Policy Tensor insightfully picked up on a few clues that seem to building on each other pretty quickly.

There's a confluence of a few events coming together that seem like a pretty wild coincidence if you ask me. I mean hey, it could happen, I'm just saying it'd be a pretty big coincidence.
  1. A couple weeks ago, the tide turned against the Syrian rebels with the loss of Qusayr, "crucial to supply routes for both sides". For obvious reasons, it's not in U.S. interests for the Syrian regime's army to be inching towards a more serious victory in Homs.
  2. In the last couple weeks, the U.S. has begun a significant military build-up in Jordan and is keeping it relatively quiet, calling it a training exercise. Public statements about it seem to be a little erratic.
  3. Today the U.S. publicly announced that the regime has crossed it's red line, and has used chemical weapons against the opposition.
  4. The Iranian election is kicking off in just a few hours. While the election is a well-acknowledged joke, the Syrian regime's primary ally in the region is bound to be embroiled in its own domestic politics for the foreseeable short-term future. There would be no better time to act than while Iran is politically off-balance.
Like I said, I don't want imply an intervention in the near future is certain, but if you follow the public statements, the tone is changing. And while some things are just a coincidence, some things just aren't.

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