Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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it's funny how my emotions roll with the weather. it's funny how i weather my emotions. self-caricature to the point of self-ridicule obfuscates each emotion's legitimacy, so as to selectively blunt it's impact and sideline its ill-intent.

i got this in a facebook message while i was sleeping from a dude i pretty much never ever talk to and read it on the elevator(s) to work this morning:

over streetnoise she calls to be
free from this cage of superficial
tundra. They look to say something, then
quiet and nothing. It goes beyond the
nows of us and could last forever for
how little it sees. what was here is
still. un-noticed and wise in it's silence
as stone would take ages to observe
in motion.______________________
it's sad to be here. the still now. we
know so much in instances. time plays
us and darkness comes as a joke to
sell our insignificance. Then those who've
seen what we'll see transcribe colors and
light. flickering tongues at the moon. So
we may move or stay and if we go too
far. we may have won. not. to
say there's been winning or could be
but my blue eyes seek beauty and the
rest of me is still learning to stand.

i only wish it was followed by:

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so it would be less weird, but ya... it was a grey morning with the kind of rain and mist that dulls all sound and obscures the top of the tower so as to make it seem ominous and infinite... so i guess it was pretty weird.

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