Thursday, July 8, 2010

r.i.p. ltte continued.

sri lanka has been in the international headlines since government supporters shut down the un offices in colombo to protest a un war crimes inquiry. the un estimates about 7,000 civilians were killed when the government finally defeated the ltte last may, and common sense tells me its actually pretty hard to kill 7,000 civilians without committing a war crime or three.

the subtle discrimination of ignorance is pretty hard to miss here, since it seems like people just dont want to know what happened to those 7,000 civilians. i for one do want to know, and i think if the sri lankan government and president rajapaksa want a chance to show that discrimination died with the war, they should start acting like they care what happened to thousands of their tamil citizens.

if youre interested in some unbiased insight, i really appreciated this...

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