Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the mcchrystal method.

youve probably heard about the rolling stone article that got mcchrystal fired. now heres a guess as to what the hell mcchrystal was thinking...

mcchrystal is convinced afghanistan is screwed without more troops and is trying to avoid the blame.

he asked for 60,000 troops, but obama only sent 30,000. he said anything less than 40,000 would run the risk of failure, and now that afghanistan is failing, he wants to make sure hes not going to become the administration's scapegoat.

mcchrystal wants the blame to fall on obama's afghan policy, which is where it should be. obama's afghan policy was doomed from the beginning, and if i were him, i might wanna get out of the way of that shitstorm too.

(full speech.)

that said, its definitely ridiculous for a commanding officer to play politics with his position. he should be above the blame game, and definitely shouldnt be doing his job with politicking in mind.

then again, he might not have cared about the politics and was legitimately just so frustrated that he couldnt see the disastrous magazine article a few days in front him.

so much for brilliant strategist.

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