Saturday, August 29, 2009

banana phone.

my mind is blown...

but my heart is torn.

my dearest sony ericsson,

youve always been the one for me. ever since w810i, ive lusted for your companionship. it was the first time id ever known real phonelove, and then you just up and left me. when you turned w960i, you left me with a relic as a token of our love and never looked back. was europe worth it? was it worth all my lonely nights and all the tears ive shed to death cab for cutie's transatlanticism?

well i gave up waiting for you to look back. it was just too hard seeing all my friends breaking up with old loves and moving on to wifi, touchscreens, and new operating systems while i just sat at home, wondering why no one would invite me to the movies via twitter. i just couldnt take it anymore.

i rebounded to the iphone. she was popular, but when i got with her, she was as vapid and superficial as my worst nightmares. ill never know if i was intentionally patronized or just expecting too much of a stereotypical dumb blonde slut, but she treated me terribly.

she was paranoid, and demanded my undivided attention... she wouldnt let me copy/paste, forward messages, or multitask. she didnt trust me... she wouldnt even give me more than one button on the camera, thinking that i might mess up our pictures if she gave me any control. and you should see want she makes me do with itunes... its like everything has to be approved by her family first. and worst of all, the empty promises... after all our tug of war over copy/paste and landscape texts, im still waiting for mms. "august" she said. "its not my fault" she said. "at&t" she said. always with the "at&t".

well ive had it. no more. were finished. it was a rebound. a mistake.

sony ericsson, i just want you to know that... with every call and every touch, im dreaming of the love we lost. i want you to know that ive kept my ear to the streets just hoping to hear your name... and i have. they said theyre calling you "rachael". they say youre easy to get along with, but intelligent and layered, with multitasking and an 8mp camera. they say youre making all sorts of important and powerful friends, like android and senseui. and they say youre the most radiant of them all, with a 4in screen, the largest yet. you sound so beautiful.

my best friend andre told me theres someone looking to rescue me from this broken heart. he said her name is "hero", and shes coming soon. he said to forget about you, and move on. i think i knew deep down from the beginning that it was just a rebound with the iphone, but i think there may be something real this time with the hero.

but my heart still longs for you.

just a whisper... a cryptic haiku or twisted sonnet... and i will wait for you. please, i miss you so much. ive never loved the way we loved, and im afraid i will never love like that again. after all these lonely nights and missed picture messages... after all these feelings of abandonment and inadequacy... just a glance across the pond and i promise... i will wait for you. i will never forget you, my first phonelove. i cant forget you.

i love you now and forever,


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