Sunday, July 12, 2009


so tonight i got hit by a drunk driver running a red light.

luckily i glanced over soon enough to notice this ford f150 was not slowing down for his red light. i stopped w only my front end out in the intersection, and the car hit the fender instead of the cabin, which was carrying precious cargo, aka my little cousins and their friend, ages 14, 9, and 9 respectively.

this is the sort of situation that immediately lends itself to a million superstitions, of which my parents have plenty. the "why me? why here? why now?" type of thing.

im tempted. ill divulge the myriad coincidences soon, but the most important one is that on the way down from nyc to hang w the little cousins, i was listening to this...

its relevant.

(or not.)

ps... r.i.p. little jetta.

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  1. probably not relevant but a really good radiolab episode!