Friday, March 13, 2009


roll through town, toss everything around...

mon nyc -> dc after the most ridiculous nyc trip ever... im pretty sure im not even allowed to say what happened so i wont.

now im in hiding studying like nuts til monday for maybe the biggest test f my life, o omitted intentionally. (via sass and trash.)

but then! omfg omfg omfg...

sooo psyched! toronto is going to be a victory celebration and a half, officially marking the end of the busiest month (and a half) of my whole life. im going to dance my fucking face off to this and this in toronto fri night. (autoerotique and nasty nav at the cobrasnake dance party in toronto.)

tues dc -> rva, thurs rva -> toronto!, sat toronto -> nyc, sun nyc -> rva, mon smashkan -> nap.

fuck yea.

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