Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my whole life is a lie!

woops. sorry that title was a typo... although it is nice to get attention now and then.

i mean...



i meant to type "my whole life is a life!" but i got fucked cuz i missed the f. get it? me neither.

well now i might as well write something mildly interesting. beauty is fucking weird, but if an asteroid hit me tomorrow, and only me, i think id still be happy i lived.

i mean... maybe the humor of being struck by a tiny bullet sized asteroid would actually make up for all the years id lost.

today, i honestly played starcraft from 2 until 8, and heres the thing... i wasnt even playing the game. i was making a level in the level editor. i think its actually pretty good. here it is in case you want to play... its got a cool little storyline and everything.

speaking of weird shit... here are some games i programmed in basic in like... 7th grade. cooldood, walker, gorillax, earth raid. (these are all .exe files... scary, i know. also theyre in chronological order so you can see how i got better over time... ... programming... ... ...god im lonely.)

but thats not my point. my point is that im honestly worried that im this guy...

("real cutters dont cut themselves.")

i mean i probably not but... yeh... its possible. you know what else is possible?

oh and one more thing...


ok one morrre thing... remember that time i said "well now i might as well write something mildly interesting"?



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