Friday, December 8, 2006

indestructibly awesome or whiny little bitch?

whiny little bitch or indestructibly awesome?

whiny little bitch pro: sparkling white hoody, enjoys talking about relationships with close girlfriends, wonders about being a whiny little bitch.

indestructibly awesome pro: sparkling white hoody, finds said relationships incredibly humourous, acknowledges wondering about being a whiny little bitch.

so i wanted to send a reassuring text message... "aint no shame in your game, girl. chin up like you dont give a fuck." a bit much i think. perhaps the message will get through anyway, but through wires instead of airwaves.

ps. this is the most intimate blog you will ever read... probably. unless andre tells me we shouldnt see eachother anymore... in which case i will laugh and write a similar blog. heres to fun times and overcompensating.

pps. doing my best not to sound riduclous, humor is my commentary on the human condition. its funny. really really funny. and silly. and funny. i got that way by experiencing and investigating a lot of it. humility requires acknowledging how powerless we are against the human condition, and thus how ridiculous it is to think we can evoke permanence. we are but mortal men! and my critique of all the douchebags who think ridiculous and often chemically induced moments of their life are somehow profound or cosmically important is to laugh. and apparantly do this. irreconcilable? i sure hope so.

maybe i just really deeply and cosmically dont give a fuck about proving i give a fuck. because i see how humorous it is taking yourself so seriously. so with as much profundity a mere mortal can muster, from the bottom of my silly childish heart...

go fuck yourself.

ok on second thought i think i was wrong about most of this blog. the answer is definetly whiny little bitch. now what?

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